The Art of Intuition.

“He said. She said. I think. I need. Logic says…” There are so many ways to be guided forward in the world. Which approach is the best? How do we know what’s the best way to move forward to keep body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul in alignment?

Our intuition is a tool that can really help us navigate the answers to those questions. Our intuition is a system of knowing oneself based on ones own lived experiences, past-life experiences, and a sensing beyond logic. It connects us to our heart, our soul, and the wisdom of our body. Discernment is key, as it’s very important to understand what is projection (mind), what is authentic knowing, imagination, thought vs feeling etc. Keeping in mind that all of these can be messages from intuition, just in different forms. Complex, huh?

There are many highly researched, highly intelligent methods to keep your knowledge of self truly authentic. But here I show that those methods are simply tools in the toolbox. Each one of us has a unique intuitive operating system; we may share similar access points to others, but most systems are completely different.

Of the many ways our intuition speaks to us, this can include: sensations, images in our mind’s eye, sudden ideas, synchronicities, etc. What’s important is to ground into your body (notice the feeling of your feet, your hips, your fingers). Then, believe in yourself to understand that you’re capable of fully aligning yourself. Feelings, thoughts, images, will come to you. You can choose to follow them, question them, speak them or just sit with them. Trust that the next step will come as well. It’s an art.

When it’s helpful to have a professional practitioner assist is when you’re new to the process, when you may have a block, or when you might just like a co-pilot! It’s often more fun to eat with a friend sometimes than to dine alone so to speak. If there is more of psychiatric or medical concern, it can also be important to seek the right co-treatment. Just remember that you can always set the pace of your own unfolding.

Be mindful of the logical elements of your character, or your family and friends; logic is a really great tool, but it isn’t definitively a superior tool. And it can act as a bully to our more sensitive personal qualities. And, as your self-knowing and self-awareness grows, your personal understanding of your intuition can evolve from strictly an art to something much more attuned and reliable.

For more tools on how to move past challenges navigating this unique + complex system, reach out to me.

Protecting the vibe.

We all know that feeling. When the vibe suddenly fizzles. Maybe you were feeling great or just ok, but something happens and the vibe is just not ok anymore. It doesn’t matter why; what matters most is how to get it back.

When I have to repair the energy inside of myself (I am triggered, I get self-conscious etc.), or around myself, I’ve found 4 things most useful: music, affirmations, crystals and plants.

Music – A song you love can truly change your mood. Find some music you really connect too…don’t fake it, but also appreciate you might not love or understand all songs AT FIRST. Find something. For me it was higher-toned crystal bowl in Note F. Yes, you can be that specific. Whatever connects to you.

Affirmations – These help me for those inner turmoil vibe changes. I was not conscious of many of the thoughts and behaviours I’d adopted on over the years. If I feel dull, I repeat an affirmation to myself that change that feeling enough for another energy to shift.

Crystals – As mentioned in my previous post. Check it out.

Plants – Plants bring me outside of my head. I can appreciate their value and their beauty long enough to feel a shift into the present moment of peaceful, no-thinking. If I water them, run my fingers through the leaves, look up their history, look up if they emit co2 etc. it all works for me.

The truth is that nature has all of these things combined on some level, so going outside is really high on this list too. Going outside for a walk is often my first go-to. More on that soon.

If the vibe in the room of people disipates, these tools help, but it can be more challenging to recover. Reach out to me and we can discuss group strategies to repair the collective group feels.

Selenite. A helper.

One of my favourite artists talks about crystals being ridiculous. I had my own experience. I love unique objects, and so regardless of any of the trends and traditions connected to crystals, I liked them because they seemed ethereal in a world that feels dense to me.

Ironically, selenite helped me ground. Do a search on selenite and you will find a myriad of explanations on its uses, aesthetic, and meaning. This doesn’t even touch the wisdom of how it has been used in ways undocumented on the internet. My visceral experience is selenite connected me to the moment, which brought me out of my imagination and my overthinking about the past. I still cherish my analysis of my past and I adore my ability to be imaginative, but this beautiful crystal gave me a doorway into the present. That is where I started to feel emotions more distinctly and seperate — premier tools for healing and knowing oneself.

Step one, etc.

What came after the feeling of peace? Great dread. Anxiety. Anger at my past. A lot of arguments (internal and external). I don’t wish that experience on anyone. But that was mine. Then came step one. Step one was moving beyond all of that inner chaos. Step one was choosing to connect with peace and joy daily.

This sounds really fluff. I want to be clear, I am not talking about a choice in opposition of biological feelings. I’m saying that if I chose to connect to peace and joy daily, for me personally, it was a step that resonated and felt like movement. Those feelings of peace and joy needed to be acknowledged and connected with, so I could remember each day what felt different than inner chaos. It took me forever to understand this and to actually do it. When I did, I slowly felt more connected to my body (step 2), I felt more authentic positive experiences (step 3), I developed conscious strategies to move forward (step 4), and I had energy to stay connected to moving forward (step 5,6,7 etc.)

This wasn’t an overnight experience. It took years to find step one. It took years to learn to interact with the inner feelings that weren’t moving me to where I wanted. It took dietary changes and a lot of learning about my inner health landscape. But it did happen.

Finding your path.

Uniqueness in a society with established norms.

I remember sitting at my desk in my first job at the start of my career. Not my first office job, or even my first professional job, but my first job in the career I had worked so hard toward. I was grateful. I was so proud to be making a better paycheque, to be contributing, to be challenged. I felt great. Truly.

Soon after though (months, weeks, years) things did change.Feelings began to creep up inside of me. Feelings like doubt, dissatisfaction, but most importantly, feelings of “am I worth more than this?” All of those beautiful feelings of gratitude had been real. But I had never stopped to question if I was settling. Or, if I let my imagination run here, perhaps that authentic gratitude for where I was actually opened up in me a new opportunity: the ability to value myself even further, to reach even higher goals!

So often in society, we are asked to follow norms. It’s starts when we’re really young. Listen to authority, don’t wear this colour in this season, get perfect grades, go to University, find “the one” and then get a “good” job. But norms are just that….standard normal behaviour. I wanted more. I needed more. If I had of chose to stay in a place that didn’t continue to challenge me, I wouldn’t have been feeding a part of myself that truly valued progress. Now, let me be clear, I stayed for a while to check some boxes. But I valued the possibility that I could create a path for myself that was completely unique, true to myself, and not appeasing anyone else. I believe everyone can do that. There are costs and benefits, as with every risk. But the benefit I found to be more impactful than anything else, was the feeling of peace that I was moving through the world as myself. I wish that for everyone.