Protecting the vibe.

We all know that feeling. When the vibe suddenly fizzles. Maybe you were feeling great or just ok, but something happens and the vibe is just not ok anymore. It doesn’t matter why; what matters most is how to get it back.

When I have to repair the energy inside of myself (I am triggered, I get self-conscious etc.), or around myself, I’ve found 4 things most useful: music, affirmations, crystals and plants.

Music – A song you love can truly change your mood. Find some music you really connect too…don’t fake it, but also appreciate you might not love or understand all songs AT FIRST. Find something. For me it was higher-toned crystal bowl in Note F. Yes, you can be that specific. Whatever connects to you.

Affirmations – These help me for those inner turmoil vibe changes. I was not conscious of many of the thoughts and behaviours I’d adopted on over the years. If I feel dull, I repeat an affirmation to myself that change that feeling enough for another energy to shift.

Crystals – As mentioned in my previous post. Check it out.

Plants – Plants bring me outside of my head. I can appreciate their value and their beauty long enough to feel a shift into the present moment of peaceful, no-thinking. If I water them, run my fingers through the leaves, look up their history, look up if they emit co2 etc. it all works for me.

The truth is that nature has all of these things combined on some level, so going outside is really high on this list too. Going outside for a walk is often my first go-to. More on that soon.

If the vibe in the room of people disipates, these tools help, but it can be more challenging to recover. Reach out to me and we can discuss group strategies to repair the collective group feels.

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