Selenite. A helper.

One of my favourite artists talks about crystals being ridiculous. I had my own experience. I love unique objects, and so regardless of any of the trends and traditions connected to crystals, I liked them because they seemed ethereal in a world that feels dense to me.

Ironically, selenite helped me ground. Do a search on selenite and you will find a myriad of explanations on its uses, aesthetic, and meaning. This doesn’t even touch the wisdom of how it has been used in ways undocumented on the internet. My visceral experience is selenite connected me to the moment, which brought me out of my imagination and my overthinking about the past. I still cherish my analysis of my past and I adore my ability to be imaginative, but this beautiful crystal gave me a doorway into the present. That is where I started to feel emotions more distinctly and seperate — premier tools for healing and knowing oneself.

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