Step one, etc.

What came after the feeling of peace? Great dread. Anxiety. Anger at my past. A lot of arguments (internal and external). I don’t wish that experience on anyone. But that was mine. Then came step one. Step one was moving beyond all of that inner chaos. Step one was choosing to connect with peace and joy daily.

This sounds really fluff. I want to be clear, I am not talking about a choice in opposition of biological feelings. I’m saying that if I chose to connect to peace and joy daily, for me personally, it was a step that resonated and felt like movement. Those feelings of peace and joy needed to be acknowledged and connected with, so I could remember each day what felt different than inner chaos. It took me forever to understand this and to actually do it. When I did, I slowly felt more connected to my body (step 2), I felt more authentic positive experiences (step 3), I developed conscious strategies to move forward (step 4), and I had energy to stay connected to moving forward (step 5,6,7 etc.)

This wasn’t an overnight experience. It took years to find step one. It took years to learn to interact with the inner feelings that weren’t moving me to where I wanted. It took dietary changes and a lot of learning about my inner health landscape. But it did happen.

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